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I’m indie author Melanie Cellier and I write Young Adult fantasy. On my website you’ll find all sorts of information about
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The Spoken Mage series

Spoken Mage Series Image
The Spoken Mage is my first non-fairy tale YA fantasy series. It features Elena, who lives in a world where the mageborn wield power with written words. As a commonborn she shouldn't be able to safely wield power at all—and she certainly shouldn't be able to do it with spoken words. Elena has the potential to change her world—but first she has to survive the Royal Academy, a host of mageborn…and Prince Lucas.

The Spoken Mage Reading Order
  • Voice of Power (Book One)
  • Voice of Command (Book Two)
  • Voice of Dominion (Book Three)
  • Voice of Life (Book Four)

Audiobook versions of
The Spoken Mage series are available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

The Four Kingdoms series

The Four Kingdoms Graphic
The Four Kingdoms is my first complete set of YA fairy tale retellings. The stories predate the events in the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series, and provide further background and context to the events in the new series. If you enjoy clean romance, adventure and intrigue, then try the books in The Four Kingdoms series now! Each book can be read as a standalone story; however, for greatest enjoyment, they should be read in order.

The Four Kingdoms Reading Order
  • The Princess Companion: A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea (Book One)
  • The Princess Fugitive: A Reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood (Book Two)
  • Happily Ever Afters: A Reimagining of Snow White and Rose Red (Novella)
  • The Princess Pact: A Twist on Rumpelstiltskin (Book Three)
  • A Midwinter's Wedding: A Retelling of The Frog Prince (Novella)
  • The Princess Game: A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty (Book Four)
  • The Princess Search: A Retelling of The Ugly Duckling (Book Five)

Beyond the Four Kingdoms series

Beyond Graphic - no covers
Beyond the Four Kingdoms features some of the younger princesses from the Four Kingdoms series who have now grown up and are having their own adventures, as well as a whole host of new characters. They take place in a new set of kingdoms across the sea. These interconnected fairy tale retellings each feature a different princess who has to fight for her happily ever after and can be read independently of the Four Kingdoms books.

Beyond the Four Kingdoms Reading Order
  • A Dance of Silver and Shadow: A Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses
  • A Tale of Beauty and Beast: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast
  • A Crown of Snow and Ice: A Retelling of The Snow Queen
  • A Dream of Ebony and White: A Retelling of Snow White
  • A Captive of Wing and Feather: A Retelling of Swan Lake
And coming in 2019:
  • A Princess of Wind and Wave: A Retelling of The Little Mermaid

Audiobook versions of the
Beyond the Four Kingdoms series are currently available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes for A Dance of Silver and Shadow and A Tale of Beauty and Beast, and will soon be available for the rest of the series.

An Inconvenient Princess is a romantic fairy tale novella. It can be read on its own, but is more fun when read as a part of the Entwined Tales, a series of interconnected fairy tales by six different authors. Each story follows the adventures of one of seven children from the same family as they seek out their own happily ever afters in spite of their reluctant fairy-godfather.

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