A Mage's Influence Series

If you enjoy strong heroines, sisterly adventure, fantasy worlds, and clean romance, then try this new world starting with Seeds of Glory and Ruin!

Reading Order
  • Seeds of Glory and Ruin (Book One)
  • Vines of Promise and Deceit (Book Two)
  • Thorns of Hope and Betrayal (Book Three)
  • Forests of Grandeur and Malice (Book Four)

Seeds of Glory and Ruin
SoGaR2 website version
Cadence and her sister possess the seeds of glory and ruin—or so their father always insisted. Cadence never understood what he meant until Airlie’s seed of power is activated, turning her into the most powerful mage in generations. Despite knowing it must mean her own dormant seed is much more malevolent, Cadence is swept away to the distant Mage’s Guild in her sister’s wake. She’s used to living in Airlie’s shadow, but she can’t see a place for herself in this new world.

Nor can she believe in the apparent interest of the charming Zeke. No one has ever chosen her over her beautiful sister.

But leaving her new home isn’t an option. Plagued by questions from her isolated childhood, Cadence needs answers, and the Guild might hold them. But as the revelations grow, Cadence must find a way to conceal the truth from her new companions before the sisters’ secrets turn everyone against them.

And as word of Airlie’s power spreads, new danger emerges. Across the kingdom’s border, a threat is growing among the ruins of their former neighbor—enemies who will do anything to get their hands on the sisters and the seeds they contain. No longer able to shelter behind Airlie, Cadence must make a choice. Will she embrace her power—whatever it might be—or pursue a different path?

Vines of Promise and Deceit

VoPaD2 website version
With the nomad delegation in Tartora, a royal tour is underway. But with the threat from both the raiders and the fallen kingdom itself growing, Cadence and Zeke's charade is stretched to the breaking point as they fight to protect their friends. But as Cadence struggles to keep them all alive, she refuses to give up on helping her sister—if only she knew how to do that.

But Airlie isn't helpless. Determined to find answers about her and Cadence's heritage, Airlie is still willing to do anything to protect her sister. But Cadence is moving beyond her reach, and even Airlie's enormous power might be helpless to defeat the looming danger that's threatening the tour.

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