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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you be writing a story about other characters from The Princess Companion?
A: Yes! Lily and Sophie already got their own books, so that they could each have the chance to play the starring role and find love. :) Their stories appear in my latest series called the Beyond the Four Kingdoms, which takes place in a new set of kingdoms located across the sea from the four kingdoms. Celine from The Princess Game also stars in this series.

Q: Does that mean you won’t be writing any more books set in the Four Kingdoms?
A: I originally planned for the Four Kingdoms series to contain four books - one happily ever after for each of the princesses from The Princess Companion. That number grew as I added two novellas along the way in response to new characters showing up and demanding their own stories. Although I've now moved on to the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series - set four years after the end of The Princess Game - I did decide to come back to the four kingdoms one more time. Poor Frederic still hadn’t found his queen, after all! The Princess Search was the result.

Q: What’s up with your spelling?
A: This is a good question! I live in Australia, and Australian English is much more closely aligned in spelling with British English than with American English. (Think fewer instances of z and more of u.) My Four Kingdoms series was originally written in Australian English.

However, having become increasingly aware that a majority of my readers live in the US, I decided to publish my current series, Beyond the Four Kingdoms, using American English. I have since also published new editions of the existing Four Kingdoms books in American English. I hope that all my Australian, British and Canadian readers will forgive me for the change!

Q: What is the name of the kingdom in The Princess Companion? Is it Arcadia or Arcadie?
A: Arcadia is the name of the kingdom. Arcadie is the name of the capital city of that kingdom. (Think Mexico and Mexico City.)

Unfortunately, this seems to have caused a fair amount of confusion. I have learned my lesson, and will aim for more distinct names in the future! :)

Q: I have a favourite fairy tale. Will you be writing a retelling of it?
A: If you’d like to see a favourite tale retold, send me an email or comment on Facebook and let me know. You never know what might inspire me!

Q: Will you always write fairy tale retellings, or do you plan to write other books as well?
A: I love fairy tale retellings! However, I do have plans for a series of books that will not be based on fairy tales, or set in my Four Kingdoms world. It will still be YA and fantasy, though! I am hoping that the first book in this series will come out sometime in 2018.

Q: Do you have any message for your readers?
A: Yes, I do! You guys are all amazing, and you are the ones who allow me to create new worlds and tell fun tales. I couldn’t do it without you, so thank you! (Ok, so maybe this isn’t actually a FAQ, but I wanted to say it anyway :D)

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